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    My brother & I plan to ride our R100s down from BC for the meet. I’ve driven it in the car via Yakima on the interstates – 9 + hours, not real bike-tacular. Is anyone familiar with a good bike route from either Vancouver or Abbotsford that’s not too terribly roundabout?

    Thanks, looking forward to it.


    Well, you KNOW what the superslab is like. And it’s not very enjoyable on a bike. My GPS says 470 miles from Sumas to LaGrande on the ‘slab.

    Consider south on WA 9 to Snohomish, then Chinook Pass via Leavenworth to Wenatchee, then south via Quincey and George, short dogleg on I90 to the Columbia R, then south via either Mattawa or Othello to Kennewick, Hermiston (OR) and 37 to Pendleton, then Superslab to Lagrande and on to Boise. Maybe 475 mi instead of 470 on I-5 and I-90, but it’s a much more interesting route. You’ll need to do some navigating, of course. Won’t take much more time, since you can get up and cruise on the backroads, just like the locals do.

    Other than some secondary highways in Idaho, the superslab is really the only reasonably quick way to get from LaGrande to Boise.

    But, if you have some extra time and energy, consider 86 to the Oxbow dam on the Snake R, then 71, 95, 16, 20/26 to Boise. An extra 100 miles and say, 4 hours, but very scenic, right to the bottom of Hells Canyon.

    If you can handle some off-pavement, and want a more adventurous route, head up the Wallowa Valley from LaGrande, and find the Forest Service roads that connect south between Joseph and 86 (Oxbow, 71, 95, 16 etc.) Figure maybe 150 miles farther than the superslab, and maybe 6 hrs.



    Thanks for the route info Dave. Sounds like it could be a fair bit quicker than the route we’ve been mulling on the map – the Cascades – 20 E from Sedro Woolley to 97 Okanagan, 17 Sth to Kennewick, then 124/126 E over to Lewiston, then 95/55 all the way South into Boise.

    Are you familiar with this way? Seems like the big plus is avoiding the slab entirely – but we’d like to get down there leaving BC at noon Weds arriving in Boise not too late on Thurs night. What do you think? Is the Cascades/Lewsiton route a lot longer in practice?


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