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    Kenny Gadley

    I switched from the Z6’s to the ME 880’s . so far they have been very good tires, with great wet and dry traction. time will tell about the mileage.

    Roy Jackson

    [QUOTE=AntonLargiader »]Michelin Pilot Road 2.

    Simple question, simple answer, right? :)[/QUOTE]

    +1 😎


    What are the best replacement tires for my 2000 R1100RS?


    I just went “low price spread”…….bought a set of Shinko 009 Raven ‘sport Touring” tires for my 04 R1150RSL……Rode the snot out of them in dry and wet at the BMW MOA rally last week. So far I’m VERY impressed…..They cost me $147 for both tires from BikeBandit…….


    Michelin Pilot Road 2.

    Simple question, simple answer, right? 🙂


    Still loving my metzler z6’s, installed 2 years ago. Felt like riding on rails after the scrub-in period. Wear was much better than expected — but may not be as aggressive as other riders who report shorter tread life.

    But am gearing up for new tires and may check the recent reviews in Bike or elsewhere (perhaps a year ago) on Metzlers and many other common brands for these sorts of bikes. Good luck.


    I ride an RT & the Metzler Z6’s work well. Stick pretty good on dry and wet pavement.


    That would depend on your riding style. I like the Dunlop Roadsmarts on my 12rt, but you may prefer something with a softer(stickier) compound, or maybe you want a harder compound to get more milage out of you tires. The suggestion for the PR2s is a good one and Roadsmarts are similar, or possibly you might want to consider the Metzler Sportec M3’s or a set of Michellin Power Pilot CTs for a sportier less touring type of tire. To me tires are like motor oil, everyone has a favorite and while that works for them the next person may have a grossly different opinion of it. These days the tech is getting really good so there are not that many bad choices in the bigger brands, I would recomend staying away from the “cheapy” off brand stuff though.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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