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    Where is the best lodging at the rally? What a loaded question!


    I have already made my reservation and paid to camp with Ted Mayberry – Sherpa Camping.

    I have my choice of a hotel, motel, my own tent or even a summer home just 8 miles from the rally. So why stay with Ted?

    [B]FIRST CLASS ACCOMMODATIONS AND A GREAT RALLY EXPERIENCE[/B] I want to enjoy every minute of the rally and don’t want to drive anywhere after the sun has set. Here is what you will get:
    [*]coffee every morning
    [*]12V chargers
    [*]110V chargers
    [*]fresh towels each day
    [*]your own chair
    [*]sleeping bag
    [*]space to park your motorcycle
    [*]shade – there always is shade
    [*]cold water
    [*]a mint on your pillow – honest!
    [*]big fat air mattresses

    Ted is at the MOA rally in Oregon and the RA rally in [B][COLOR=”Green”]Vermont[/COLOR][/B]
    Why drag all that gear with you. Ted will arrive early in Vermont. He plans to be there Sunday before the rally but he has a long way to go to get to rally from Medford.

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