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    I’m thrilled that you’re reading the threads. Thank you. Please remember that I said this rally was going to be quite different from some others. The Burning Stones area is beautiful. Why would you want to set up a beer tent to block the views of the beautiful Colorado mountains. Can’t believe that you may be crawling out of your tent at this time in two weeks fuzzy from staying “hydrated”. :lol

    Our group is working really hard to bring you the best rally experience. Look forward to seeing you at Copper.:cheers


    Hi sweetpea,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Seriously, I’m not really complaining about the lack of a beer tent. I guess that I was pretty much looking for confirmation that I do, in fact, need to source my own barley pop if I want to have one. No big deal either way.

    Actually, I am surprised at the lack of a beer tent for only one reason. I always assumed that the beverage concession was the second largest income generator at a Rally, and therefore for their respective club. (behind entry fees)

    Beer or no beer, I’ll be there. And beer or no beer, I’ll have a great time. A sincere thank you to you and your crew that are working hard to bring the Rally to all of us. Looking forward to seeing you there in a few weeks!

    Ride safe, Rob


    Just read on one of the threads where there is to be no beer tent at the Rally. BUMMER! :nopity

    Just doesn’t seem right …. live music and no beer. Try getting a bunch of middle age bike riding hooligans dancing without ….BEER. Good luck

    I’m not exactly a big drunk, but this is sorta’ disappointing. It’s arid out here folks …………….. staying hydrated is of the utmost importance. This could be somewhat construed as a safety concern. :lol

    Alright, I’m leaving the sleeping bag at home ….. so I can bring a cooler! Stay warm, or stay hydrated? :dunno

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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