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    Kind of a late response here but I think going with big bar-backs means you’re on the wrong bike. Ergonomics are SO much more than handlebar position; the K12 has fairly high footpegs and your hip angle gets affected also.

    However, for your bike if you want to do this you might find a way to use longer cables from a K12GT (they have different part numbers but I haven’t measured them) or even an LT. Throttle cables get complicated on those bikes because there were changes along the way, some of which I described in an OTL article a few years ago.


    Hello hello. I have a 2001 k12rs that I find has the handlebars too far forward, even with my 6’1″ frame. I have installed the 30mm AmMachine bar backs from the Pirate and find that the lean is [I]still[/I] too aggressive. Ideally, I think I would trade up for 40 or even 60mm bb’s. But here’s the problem: The wiring and cables have no more room to give. Turning the handlebars hard-right causes the throttle to rev the engine to about 4500. I can get braided lines for the brakes but I’m lost as to how to deal with the wiring for the electronic controls, the clutch cable, and the throttle cable. Any ideas? See you all this coming weekend!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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