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    Over the years the BMW Riders Association, has offered free advertisement for Clubs that have chartered with BMW RA by having a section in the OTL magazine called the Rally Map to announce their rally. Now some clubs are submitting not only information about their rally but complete articles down to how many port potties they will have on hand at the rally. If you are a Chartered Club with the RA the rules are; the announcement cannot be over 90 words long, if they are these announcements will be rejected and not run in the OTL magazine. So in 90 word or less please follow this rule who, what, when, where and how much your rally will cost to attend. Also if your club has not renewed for this year, your Club announcement will not be placed in the rally map section of the magazine. So if your announcements are longer than 90 words please rewrite you Clubs rally map announcement and submit them back to the OTL or they will not be published in the OTL magazine. Your Club can resubmit the announcement to Rally Map address online at BMW RA.org under contact us, or Fax it to (478) 474-6015, or even Mail it to James Allmond, Rally-Map, 640 Forest Lake Drive North, Macon, GA, 31210-3206. Because the Editor of the magazine does need this space for the articles we enjoy reading.
    Michael Johnston
    BMW RA Chartered Club Coordinator

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