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    Thank you for the posting. We have been told it will be cleaned up by Thursday. Great weather for a rally. People are rolling in now. Beer tent is up. Food on site nearly 24/7. Great prices. $2.50 – 20 oz. Leinies… fun, fun, fun.:hurray



    I called the newspaper office and left a message , called the street dept at 8:30 and found out a couple of you allready called. I let em have it because they could of waited till next week as there is a lot of streets to fix. Like Sweetpea I was guarenteed it would be cleaned up thursday. I went a bit further and called the Mayers office ,had to leave a message. We’ll see If they get it cleaned up. There is more people to call if need be.



    It’s all cleaned up now. I had to go to the post office this morning at 8:00 AM and the streets were in pretty good shape.
    Thanks for the help gregk!


    Merlin III

    Interestingly, I saw a lot of loose gravel on a lot of paved roads on Wisconsin. I live in a rural northern State and to be honest I have never seen this procedure before.



    Pass this notice along. This really gets my goat. I’m a Valkyrie rider and ABATE member. I live 1 blk off the main drag between the Brewery & the Fair grounds. I’m a seasoned rider and Been around the blk. The Damn City today filled cracks and have a lot of gravel 2 blks on the main drag. They didn’t have to do it with all you people comming in town, I can probebly count 12-1500 bikes. The city has not ben doing this kind of crack filling till today. In the morning I’ll be calling a lot of people to try to get that crap swept up. No promises. the 2 blks are the main thorofair between the Fair grounds and the doun town area. It needs to be cleaned up now as I see people are allready starting to come in town. You guys can help and flood the mayors office with calls. Area- Corner of bridge st. & Elm st. going to the bridge. Mayors # 715-726-2734 after 8:30 the street dept. # 715-723-4151. call them. You can tell them I told you if you want, Greg Koller . I’d like to see you people have a great time while your here.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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