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    MarkF – Southern New England (CT, MA, RI)

    I’ve been ready to get started since Dec. Just waiting on some addresses.

    I’m not being critical of this volunteer organization. I just don’t want anyone to think I’m not doing my job.

    I’m gonna start slow and later do more. I hope my posts on the MOA forum don’t interfere with my ability to do this job for the RA.



    Yep, someone is here. I noticed your Web page: looks good, with lots of events, too.

    Colorado will come along, although I may be the only one out here.

    Keep up the inspiration and good work.

    Ride well,


    Hi Fellow Reps and RA Officers. I’m starting this thread to see if anybody else is paying any attention to this forum. Let me know if you’re really out there. I can see that a few of you have viewed Woody’s opening statement. But let’s get a bit more communicative. 😉

    At our Hotel Campout this past weekend at the Lafayette Hotel in historic Marietta Ohio, right next to the confluence of the Muskingum and Ohio Rivers, we had a Saturday evening gathering first at the Marietta Winery for tasting and a group purchase. Dinner was next right across the street at the Marietta Brewery and Restaurant, and then back to the hotel lobby where piano and flute music was the background to renewing friendships and sharing stories. Sunday morning brunch was followed by an update of Ohio Region and RA National campouts, rallies, and happenings.

    If ever you are in the Ohio Region, please check out the Ohio Region website to see if there’s some event at which you might be able to attend. Then let me know you might be coming, so we can work out any details to make your visit more enjoyable. The Ohio Region RA members would love to find out how you and the other RA members in your region are doing, and what your plans are.

    Even if Ohio is not going to be within your reach in the near future, please let me and the other forum visitors know how your plans for your region are progressing.

    Best wishes,
    Bill Johnston
    RA Rep Ohio Region

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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