Any organized rides to the Rally from DC?

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    Is anyone organizing a group ride to Asheville from the Washington, DC area?


    [B][COLOR=”Purple”]We haven’t discussed it yet – the BMWBMW Square Route Rally is June 1-3 – so we will finalize plans there for Asheville – I’m thinking we’ll leave early Friday morning and take a liesurely ride down.

    When were you planning on going down??[/COLOR][/B]


    I too am interested in riding down the BRP. I may leave before Friday, though (doesn’t the rally begin on Thursday?). Maybe leaving Wednesday, returning on Sunday, leisurely 2-day ride each way?

    Are the Parkway repairs complete all the way to Asheville now?


    I take the BRP as a commuter route through a good section of NC. All of the long term repairs, such as rockslides, are currently finished. There is usually some sort of periodic maintenance going on through the spring and they do their best to have everything done by Mem. day.


    Howdy Folks, I am considering my options.
    1. I might try to meet-up with the Square route rally crew for the ride to the Biltmore.

    2. Or actually go to the SR rally.

    3. Or I Might meet-up with folks from this thread.

    So I’ll subscribe to this thread, and I’ll keep in touch.

    Hey BMWGIRL, I see you upgraded to a new bike. How do you like the riding position on that ST?

    If anyone wants to discuss their plans , please feel free to PM me.


    I will be leaving Thursday June 7th @ 3am to meet another rider @ his home in Silver Spring by 4am. We will trying to take the BRP as far down as we can. Anyone interested in riding with us contact me.
    We will not be on a time schedule once on the road, to scenic to pass up 😀


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