Any 2013 R1200GS (Liquid Cooled) owners here?

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    I took delivery on mine in late May. I have moved through the BMW line as follows:
    – 1985 K75
    – 2004 Cruiser
    – 2004 RT
    – 2012 GTL
    – 2013 GS

    I think the GS is outstanding. I was lukewarm on the GTL but thought it would work well for a number of years. It turned out to be one year. It is an excellent road bike but at low speed and on non paved surfaces it was pretty squirrely.

    The shorter wheelbase and 1/3 weight loss make the GS dramatically easier to handle at low speed and in tight situations from my perspective. I wanted some of the GTL features such as ESA, traction control, Cruise Control and the comprehensive digital display. The GS has that and can deal with gravel and dirt better than the RT.

    I also prefer the ability to add the accessories I prefer – I added Touratech panniers and a top case. See the article on the install of them in the upcoming issue of OTL. I have a set of engine that will go on this weekend – if I can find the time to install them.

    So far I have not had any problems. I have about 2,700 miles on it. That includes a trip from Cincinnati to Asheville for the rally. Most of my riding is two up.



    Here is mine. About 1800 miles and I love it.



    I just installed Touratech Engine Guards. They are beautifully made. It took about two hours for a friend and I to sort through the various parts and bolt it all in place.



    That “haze” in the background is not fog… it’s smoke from the fire near Yosemite. We were camping probably 40 miles away, but down wind from the fire. Saturday morning everything was covered in a fine white ash. But the wind had changed so we could see the sky, again. At 7 AM the temps were in the low 30s… and given California drought conditions no campfires allowed. Two hours later the sun made its way over the hills and by 10 it was in the 70s.


    Was there a thread that I missed? :confused How do you like it so far? Any problems?

    Here’s mine:



    [QUOTE=BamaR1200GSW »]Here is mine. About 1800 miles and I love it.



    What tank bag is that?


    [QUOTE=Emoto »]Brett,

    What tank bag is that?[/QUOTE]

    It is a Bags Connection “City” model. I got it from twisted throttle. They make a few different sizes, but this one is about the right size.



    Thanks, Bama.

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