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    I’m looking for someone who rides predominantly asphalt.  Twisties to be more specific on GS’s.

    I’ve only run Anakee’s, both 2 and 3.  I liked the 2’s and now I see the front 3 is wearing fast.  It is almost at the wear bars at 5K and may have another K in it.   My 2 lasted to well over 7.  Is this normal?  

    Over on AdvRider some of the guys talk about the Anakee’s “slipping”, especially the front.  I sure have not seen that, have you?


    I replaced the Anakee 3 that came with my ’13 at 7600 miles.  Both tires had some life left but I had a long weekend ride coming up and didn’t want to trust that they’d last the entire ride.  Also, the front had been plugged due to a flat picked up when the bike was almost new.

    I had none of the oft reported issues.  The tires were not especially noisy, didn’t slip and slide in wet or dry, and bike handling with the tires mounted felt quite neutral.   The only reason I didn’t replace the tires with another set was the lack of rear tires in the new GS size in the market place.   They were back ordered most everyplace.  Where they weren’t back ordered the vendor was asking a 30+% premium.


    Not intending to derail this thread, but . . . If you ride almost exclusively asphalt twisties, may I suggest you investigate the Pilot Road 3s and/or the newer Pilot Road 4s, both of which come sized for the GS.  I have Pilot Road 3s on both my 1995 R1100GS and my 2010 R1200GS, and I cannot say enough good things about them.  I have used them for aggressive street riding, sport touring, and even a track day.  They are quiet, stable, predictable, quick to warm up, great in the wet, and very, very sticky.  I used Anakee 2s for years, and the Pilot Roads are far superior tires for street use.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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