4-SALE 2004 R1150RT-P never owed by the police

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    Great for Touring – All white with Happy Trail bags, J&M CB, Hella HID driving lights, PIAA 1500 aux lights. Second set of handlebar mounted mirrors. Set
    up for Long Distance riding. wired for XM and Garmin GPS 86K miles, all freeway miles, runs andrides perfectly. The motorcycle has about a year of unlimited mileage warranty remaining. The stock RT has a 6.5 gallon tank and averages 40 plus MPG city/freeway. Full fairing with adjustable seat and
    windshield. This bike has ABS with fully linked and computerized
    brake system. The engine is 4 valve/2 plugs per cylinder. Heated
    grips. The police model has larger oil cooler, 60 amp alternator
    and 2 separate batteries to run all the electronics without draining
    the engine start battery. The bike is also equiped with crash bars.
    The R1150RT-P includes standard equipment beyond the stock R1150RT.
    These include: 840-watt alternator verses 700-watt alternator. –
    Auxiliary cooling fan to aid in slow or stopped traffic cooling. – A
    speedometer accurate to 1.1 MPH. – Two 12-volt accessory outlets
    verses one – Rear-only emergency flasher system in addition to the
    normal 4-way system. Headlight on-and-off switch. – Heated handgrips
    – Locking side stand. – True-image rear-view mirrors. – Auxiliary
    linked battery. The main battery is new the second aux battery is 2
    years old. I am including the flip up tank bag which has a 3rd
    accessory outlet plus the plug in for the CB incorperated into the
    tank bag platform. The tank bag on the platform is a Mersee bag. The
    bike needs tires. If you are interested you can buy the tires, send
    them to me and I will have them installed. I am looking for a
    lighter smaller bike more in the 800cc range which is why I am selling
    this one. I have all service records and want it out of the crowded
    garage. Delivery negotiable – driven by a little old lady – really

    Price: $6500.00
    Location: Yuma, AZ
    Contact Heidi Still at
    Telephone 928 920 7869


    Got any photos?

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