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    Oh I can’t wait to hear….. especially if it is in PA… that would be awesomeness 🙂


    When do you think will hear the news on the location and dates? 



    [quote=Beemer-me-up]Any news on the location for next year….[/quote]You’ve probably seen this by now — Tioga County Fairgrounds, Wellsboro PA July 19,20 & 21, 2018 for the 46th BMW RA Rally. More info soon on the home page.


    David Crawford

    Are the bmwmoa  and the bmwra rallies on consecutive weekends to make it easier or harder for people to go to both?



    First off, July 19-21, was the week that was available to us. Of course we did consider how many miles and days apart both rallies were. It should be an easy trip, less than 1,000 miles and doable for most riders.   Last year, the RA rally in Petosjey Michigan was a week and 1,700 miles apart and many riders went to both.

    If it’s either or rather than both, I’m going to recommend The RA in Tioga County. The riding in the area is second to none. The roads are great!

    Karen Jacobs

    Vice President

    BMW Riders Association



    Both rallies are in July.  Both clubs are looking at venues and dates at the same time.  Sometimes a venue and date is chosen and then there are problems that mthe venue operators and the clubs cannot reconcile.  The clubs have to take a location and date that they think will best serve their members.  Some riders belong to both clubs and do both rallies.  Those riders have no problem going from coast in three days; so the distance between the rallies and the time available pose no problems.



    Looking forward to making both Rally’s again this year. Last year it was about 6100 miles to attend both, nice trip. This year probably not so far, but since the RA last may head onward to NS, etc afterward.

    Ride Safe, Think Fast!




    Any news on the location for next year. I heard at rumor at the Oceanstate Rally that it will be in PA.


    Street Skills Jon


    I’ve been given the go ahead from the BMW RA to announce that my cornering school Street Skills will be offering on-road style courses (training) at the Wellsboro rally.  REGISTRATION IS OPEN. 

    I’ve been selling out these courses two years in a row at the other big club’s rally. I know the Wellsboro area well and am really excited to offer my courses to you.

    Sign up for newsletter!



    RA member 43778



    This is going to be a good ride to the rally and while at the Rally.  I usually take the fast way home.


    Leaving from the NC mountains…anyone else from the area?



    Hey all, I’m thinking about coming out to the Rally since I live in the Catskills and could make a long weekend out of it. I’m just wondering how many “outsiders” you typically get. The forums don’t seem crazy active, so I didn’t really see a way to get to know people in advance.



    Last year we had 1,000 attend in Petoskey, MI. This year we’re a bit ahead of that in preegistration. I would expect the attendance to be near the same or larger. I agree we would like to see more folks on our forum but the era of facebook seems to be overtaking forums these days.H
    ope you can make it to Wellsboro for the rally. Our pre-regs so far are mostly from the east, southeast and near midwest. And a few from California!




    The link to the Facebook group.


    Street Skills Jon

    Last week I prepared my route for the on-road style cornering confidence courses at the rally. It’s qawesome. I’m very excited.

    Plenty of spots still available. Be sure to stop by and check out my Cornering Confidence book in the vendor area.





    Looks like fun.



    Does anyone know if there will be a medical camping section at the 2018 rally with

    electricity for CPAP users?

    I’m planning on coming in on Thursday, will I be able to get in?

    Is there a place to volunteer to help with the Rally?  I’m happy to help out

    if you need some extra hands.


    Thanks, Don

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