2013 K1600GT problems

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    What you are experiencing is not normal. Hopefully, you have a competent dealer. If not, go elsewhere right away. Any dealer will service your bike, so you are not married to your current one should he fail to perform. Good luck, man!


    Thank-You Gerard for your response. I’ve had to get firm with the dealer where I purchased the K1600 GT. :bangheadThey said nothing was found and wanted to wait till spring and I said no. I’ve considered taking it elsewhere as you’ve mentioned. Told the service manager to do what he has to and open a warranty claim, contact bmw and please fix it. I’ll keep this blog informed as to what was found and how remedied. Enjoy riding in Arizona and Happy New Year!:D


    First, I think you may have meant ‘disengaged’ as in having the clutch level fully depressed and resting against the grip. For example “Engaging the clutch allows power to transfer from the engine to the transmission and drive wheels. Disengaging the clutch stops the power transfer and allows the engine to continue turning without force to the drive wheels.” Assuming a disengaged condition and in first gear at the light and when attempting to start the engine, the symptoms you describe would lead me to believe that the clutch is not properly adjusted; or perhaps the hydraulic system used to disengage the clutch is not working properly (needs fluid/bleeding).


    Hello riders!
    Anyone having new bike issues with the K1600GT? Upon delivery I’ve had starting hesitation when pushing the start button. At times a delay, other times partial turnover then stop.And then at other times, a hesitation on,off then battery seems dead to finally engage and start the motor.
    Secondly. At 3, 000 miles. Was waiting at a stop light in 1st gear, clutch engaged, and the bike started to pull away. Before I could determine if my mind was playing tricks, light turned green, proceeded to the next stop light to not only have it happen again but now smelling a bad burning odor with no signs of smoke.
    The bike is currently at the dealer where I purchased it with both issues at hand. Other than the things mentioned, this is the best motorcycling experience I’ve had in all the years riding with all the machines I’ve owned.

    Thank-You browny

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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