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    At this stage of the game I feel the frustration too. A little communication; even a simple explanation, reason, excuse explaining the delay would be appreciated. Communication does go a long way. I see that this is one way to get all of you on the forum though. That’s kind of cool.


    I can think of better ways. like free BEER!


    You can have the free beer, I’ll go for a great Cabernet. Yes, that’s the ticket!


    The simple explanation is: I heard that the first two sites that they picked had some problems, where all booked up for the weekends to hold the RA, one of the sites increased the site fee, etc… I believe that it nobody’s at fault and they did not drop the ball, there are a lot of issues to look at when picking a rally site. Now if anyone knows a good rally site please email me at: [email]charterclubs@bmwra.org[/email] and if any club that would like to host an RA National rally it is a good way to increase your Chartered Club treasure. I will be happy to pass this information on.

    Michael Johnston

    Bill D

    Michael, I appreciate the explanation, Thank you. Circumstances being what they are, no one working on this problem deserves criticism. I don’t have any suggestions for a rally site but I’m staying positive that A RA Rally will happen in 2010.
    I’m going to take vacation time with the premise that the rally will happen July 29 to August 1 which isn’t that large of a crapshoot for me. The Catskill region, The rumored location is a few hours from home.
    Best of luck to the Rally Committee


    Thanks Michael for the explanation. I think that’s all it takes sometimes. It is difficult to lock down a site, etc. for a large group. Can you even imagine what the MOA has to go thru for sites to acccomodate their crowds.

    Thank you. Hope to see you with your sidecar this summer!


    Someone had to drop the ball. It has to be very difficult to book a rally in a tourist area like the Catskills for the summer when we are within 6 months of the event. The booking of the event should have happened a year ago for 2010 and should be happening right now for 2011. To delay and you are at the mercy of every wedding,family reunion and craft show imaginable.

    I wish the RA would go back to a fall event and you might be able to book for Sept-Oct now. If they insist on summer rallies then more advanced planning is required. Personnally, I like the RA Rally better than the MOA, but options are limited when vacations have to be booked before rally dates are announced.

    I don’t think we should let the commitees off the hook for a lack of planning. We need te following years rally booked and announced at the Rally closing ceremony as Boise was handled a few years ago.


    East of the Mississippi is good.

    How about south of the Mason Dixon Line:)


    Mike; Thanks for the explanation. I know how hard it is to get something like this together, but if they were having trouble with this sites, they only had to get on this web site and let everyone know. If that had happened in October, maybe someone would be willing to jump in.. Wonder what would happen if the RA decided instead of a Juneish rally to move it back to a fall event? It seems to me that all we really need is someplace that will let, what, 2000 folks camp out. Maybe 100 port-a-potties, and that wonderful bath trailer. Throw in maybe a dozen near by motels, and a couple of eateries, and Shazam! You have a rally!! Entertainment could be self provided, (we have some really telented folks in this orginization) and we will ALWAY’S find somewhere to ride to. Just my 2 cents worth… Vaya con Dios Dutch


    [QUOTE=mapman »]

    I don’t think we should let the commitees off the hook for a lack of planning. We need te following years rally booked and announced at the Rally closing ceremony as Boise was handled a few years ago.[/QUOTE]

    :yesnod Boise was announced at the Shelbyville Rally and we even went to a seminar about it and the area.

    BTW, I thought that was a great location and if we ever go back, don’t forget the Belly Dancers :bow:hurray:cheers


    Just made my reservations at the Green Valley Motel in Williamstown (if I’m not mistaken, it’s the closest motel to the park, according to the RA rally page). Looking forward to this — my first RA rally. Off up Route 100 to Newport and points north afterwards!


    I volunteered at the rally in NC at the Biltmore and I saw first hand how much effort a FEW people put into the rally to make it possible. I would never fault anyone who has worked that hard for zero compensation. For example; I’m not sure that Debbi Harbour ever stopped typing info into her computer the entire rally, and she was everywhere, doing everything. If you don’t have facts, then don’t place blame!

    I agree that the RA forum is currently all but inactive and could be a great vehicle for interaction. Take a look at the activity on the MOA site and the interaction there. But that site requires paid, full time employees…


    Wonderful! I look forward to meeting you in person! Look for the man on a bicycle during the rally. You are going to have a blast. At the corner of one of the knottiest pieces of geography in the East, Pownal is the stepping off adventure to fantastic riding.

    I know the motel – overlooks the Pownal Valley – good choice. And the nearby services are great:
    [*]hardware & free popcorn

    This rally is also unique in that attendees are being invited by the rally site folks to come early, [B]AS EARLY AS SUNDAY[/B], and enjoy yourself. Tour Vermont, fish in the Hoosick with garden hackle or just ride until your tires go bald. Basic amenities will be available, perhaps on an early morning or late evening basis – don’t know that yet but never fear.

    The RA rally is like a big home coming. Glad you welcome you home.



    Hunter Mountain where the Color in the Catskills was (is) held.

    Not much use for a ski area in summer…and they know how to deal with camping now.


    Debbi and Gordan Boltz worked relentlessly at the RA rally last year in Canaan Valley. That was a great rally. It would be nice if all you had to do was pick a rally site and show up, but it’s not that easy. Let’s get our site and then we can start talking about volunteering – one of the keys for a successful rally.

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