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    [QUOTE=PaulBach »]Trying to get Vermont flavor into the event.

    There will be a Blues performance.

    The other two have been selected and will be meerting with club tomorrow. Expect foot tapping fun music. Acid rock has not been considered.[/QUOTE]

    I had to turn in my leave request at the first of the year, prior to the date and location announcement, but am tryig to get it modified (my request).
    After last year’s RA rally experience. I don’t want to miss this one!

    Thanks for the music info…sounds good


    Vermont is a different kind of place. First thing you have to do is slow down and take a deep breath especially if you have arrived from New York. Things tend to run on an agricultural clock. Things are more considered and thoughtful!

    And there is a different vocabulary in Vermont. To help out folks who are not familiar with the Vermont dialect I’ll throw in a word now and then to help out all you downstaters. Downstaters are folks from any state south of Vermont.

    Today’s word is[B] loins[/B]

    the pipes carrying water or sewage, as in “Yer loins’re all clogged. We’ll hafta clean ’em owt.”


    MOA is hav’n their rally in the Great Northwest (Redmon, Or). Where is the 2010 Rally going to take place?

    North – Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas by chance?


    [QUOTE=PaulBach »][COLOR=”darkgreen”][B][I][U]Downstaters[/U][/I][/B][/COLOR] are folks from any state south of Vermont.[/quote]

    Hmmm… lived here all my life and that’s the first time I’ve heard “Downstaters”. Flatlanders yeah!

    [QUOTE=PaulBach »]Today’s word is[B] [U][COLOR=”darkgreen”]loins[/COLOR][/U][/B]
    the pipes carrying water or sewage, as in “Yer loins’re all clogged. We’ll hafta clean ’em owt.”[/QUOTE]
    I’ve lived here all that time and been a plumber for the last 33 years too. They are pipes!

    Geez Paul, where you getting this stuff? Been listening to [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SafPUp6ME9Y&feature=related][B][I][U][COLOR=”red”]The Logger/Rusty Dewees (click here to see clip)[/COLOR][/U][/I][/B][/url] too much and believe that he’s really from VT.


    Well guess the powers that be don’t care about honoring their commitments so I have made other plans during the rally season with other organizations I’m only one but usually spend over a grand at rally’s with food fun and farkles.


    [QUOTE=X-Troller »]Well guess the powers that be don’t care about honoring their commitments so I have made other plans during the rally season with other organizations I’m only one but usually spend over a grand at rally’s with food fun and farkles.[/QUOTE]

    I’m sure your not the only one, many more will follow. This is becoming frustrating.


    I can’t imagine what’s taking so long. If you’re planning a rally in a popular tourist area as we are hearing, and don’t have the venue locked in a year in advance you are usually out of luck. I hate RA in July. The fall rallies were so nice, I think I’ll just find some local rallies in the fall and go there. I reallly like RA rallies, but the lack of a decision and summer schedule makes me want to look elsewhere.


    [QUOTE=mapman »]I reallly like RA rallies, but the lack of a decision and summer schedule makes me want to look elsewhere.[/QUOTE]

    Every year I look for somewhere to go in the late spring and again in the early fall. I hope it’s a RA rally not too far from home. But, when it’s not I go elsewhere. Obviously, the summer sched is working for the RA cause they have repeated it. No animosity towards the RA, in fact I hope they do well. But, RA in WV & RA in TN were two of my fav m/c trips!



    The United Sidecar Association Proudly Presents

    Their 32nd National Sidecar Rally

    July 8th to the 11th 2010

    At The Champlain Valley Exposition [url]www.cvfair.org[/url] Located In Essex Junction, Vermont
    * For members Pre Reg. Rally Cost $30. After June 1st $35.

    * For non members Pre Reg. Rally Cost $35. After June 1st $40.

    * Tent Camping @ $9. Per night some sites with electric * RV sites @ $35. Per night includes electric and water

    *** The Tent camping and also RV site prices are being extended for Rally participants that wish to come early and also wish to stay later compliments of the For those not wanting to camp below is a list of Motels


    [*]Handy Suites Essex 802-872-5200
    [*]Inn at Essex 802-878-1100
    [*]Days Inn 802-655-0900 5 miles prices starting at $79.
    [*]Ho Hum Motel 802-862-4551 7 miles prices starting at $80.
    [*]Ethan Allen Motel 802-863-4573 7 miles prices starting at $70.
    [*]Quality inn 802-655-1400 prices starting at $86.
    [*]Laquinta 802-660-8281
    [*]Motel 6 802-654-6860 3 miles prices starting at $60.(also leave the lights on for you)
    [*]Highland Park Efficiencies 802-655-0744

    * Self guided tours, ride the scenic Vermont countryside

    * Ride up to Quebec Canada, New Hampshire or New York

    * Saturday there will be a peoples Choice Sidecar Show

    * Also on Saturday the famous Sidecar Games

    Destination Post

    [B]Location:[/B] Essex Junction
    [B]Distance from Pownal:[/B] 150 Miles
    [B]Estimated Time:[/B] 3 Hours 15 Minutes

    For more information about today’s destination, [URL=”http://www.sidecar.com/rally.asp”%5D%5BB%5D%5BU%5D%5BCOLOR=”Blue”%5Dclick here[/COLOR][/U][/B][/URL]!




    [QUOTE][SIZE=”3″]From Pownal proceed on Route 7 to beautiful downtown Bennington, take Rt 7 north to scenic Rt 7A. Ride
    north on Rt 7A until you get to Manchester, where you’ll want to make a left onto Rt 30.

    Ride north on Rt 30, enjoying the views of Lake St Catherine and Lake Bomoseen. After Sudbury, make a right (east) onto Rt 73. Pass through
    Brandon, staying on Rt 73, and ride over the mountain towards Rochester. This road gets twisty, including a 90-degree 15mph right-hand corner, so ride with caution.

    At the end of Rt 73, make a left (north) onto Rt 100. You’ll enter the town of Rochester; stop for gas and a rest at the gas station adjacent to the town green. From there, proceed north on Rt 100 to Hancock and make a left (west) onto Rt 125 towards Middlebury. Ride with caution on this road as the pavement can get pretty rough, and there are some tight corners, especially just outside of Ripton. Also, be on the lookout for deer and moose.

    When you get to Rt 7, make a right (north) and proceed about two miles to Rosie’s Restaurant (on the left) for lunch. (If you prefer fast food, try the A&W drive-in (on the right), which is the only remaining one in New England.) After lunch, continue north on Rt 7 for about 4 miles and make a right onto River Road. Follow this to Rt 116 and make a left, then follow Rt 116 through Bristol. Rt 116 will merge with Rt 17 in Bristol.

    Where Rt 17 splits off of Rt 116 north of Bristol, make a right onto Rt 17 and follow it to the Appalachian Gap. Exercise extreme caution on the App Gap — the road is extremely twisty, with tight 180-degree hairpins and S-turns. Watch for other motorcyclists and cars. Take a short break in the parking lot at the top of the Gap — enjoy the view, take some pictures, kick some tires, and listen to other bikes coming up the road.
    Wait until any traffic passing over the Gap has had a few minutes to clear (unless you enjoy getting stuck behind cars in the twisties), then proceed down the other side of the Gap. Continue to ride cautiously — it’s easy to build up speed on the downhill straightaways and then get taken by surprise by sudden tight curves.

    Continue on Rt 17 until it ends at Rt 100. Stop off at the gas station on the corner for fuel and a restroom break, then turn right (south) onto Rt 100. Shortly after the town of Warren, you’ll pass through a state forest with nice sweeping curves. Watch for deer, moose, and tourists. Continue south on Rt 100, following the signs (it will merge and split off of several roads along the way). Stop for a break at the town green in Weston, then continue south on Rt 100 to Wilmington and make a right (west) onto Rt 9. Follow Rt 9 all the
    way over the mountains and back into Bennington and on to Pownal.[/SIZE][/QUOTE]

    [B]The Rally Meister is indebted to Cesar “Tito” Sanabria who graciously gave the rally permission to use his routes. [/B]


    [QUOTE=GS George »]my source confirmed yesterday it will be in July and in the Catskill region of NYS[/QUOTE]

    The later part of July…


    Sometimes jokingly referred to as the Vermont State Bird, Jeezum Crow is the most popular mild oath of Vermont. Vermonters don’t tend to swear with quite the frequency or vehemence that they’ve noticed in other locations in the country, and Jeezum Crow is often about as dastardly as it gets. Example: Jeezum Crow! They got that road tore up so bad this summer it nigh on knocked my shocks off!


    I’ve tried calling to find out if I could get more information. She seems to be out of the office as she not answering the telephone the last couple of days. I am hoping she is finalizing where the rally location is to where the location will be announced.

    I talked to her before Thanksgiving and I think she said she should definitely know something in a couple of weeks; however, I’ve been told that since I’ve started calling in October.

    The time is getting near to where folks needs to start planning their vacations especially if work doesn’t cooperate too well. They better hurry up with announcing the rally location.

    GS George

    got my renewal in the mail today, maybe they need my money for a deposit on the rally location………..guess i’m the reason they have not announced the location but i promise, i’ll pay up soon.


    Posting area attractions and other events is greatly appreciated. In addition, how about posting details about the Rally?
    On the RA home page it states “Details are being posted to the rally page as they develop”, with a link to, in effect, nothing. I really hope that, given that the event is only
    five months away, the answer is not that there are no details!
    When will registration start? What bands are scheduled and when?What specifically can I volunteer for and how? What is the cost? What are the accomodation arrangements?
    What is the policy on early arrivals? Etc, etc. Communication is the key!!

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