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    [QUOTE=feldis »]I would like to volunteer for the beer tent. Please tell me when and where to report?[/QUOTE]

    Ok rally master now I know where to report. When can I volunteer? This will be a great rally.


    Anyplace would be fine. Right nolw the largest need is in registration and security.

    [B]Registration[/B] – meet and greet and take money.
    [B]Security [/B]- Show me your wrist band.

    Also everyone needs to be in publicity. It works like this. Go to both rallies if possible. I am going to attend both but am flying out to Oregon – free tickets on Southwest – hard to beat.
    Also am retired so the week out and the week back would not be a problem. But I am so dedicated to Pownal being one of the best every that I will be on-site the 10 days before the rally

    But some folks have limited time. Kearney, Nebraska is the midpoint between the two rallies. 1800 miles either way to either rally.

    Kenny Gadley

    Ok, we’re all set. we have reservations in Williamstown. We would like to pre register, so will be waiting on the info for that to come out. See ya’all in Pownal. Kenny…


    Hi Kenny,
    Williamstown is a real fine piece of historical architecture. And the art museum is one of the best in America. Then there is the Mohawk Trail where the riding is … unbelievably great.

    Be sure to check out the tunnel city coffee house.

    Come back any time folks and post a question. If I don’t know the answer … I’ll find it … or make one up! [IMG][/IMG]


    “Come back any time folks and post a question”.

    Ok Mr. Rallymeister….
    What groups are providing the musical entertainment?


    [QUOTE=osbornk »]Besides the MOA, to much stuff going on in July that books up the best places. There are plenty of good places available after Labor Day when schools start in most of the country. Either then or May before school is out.[/QUOTE]

    That is exactly my problem!! I am a teacher and I have never been able to attend an RA rally because of the dates. I was going to attend this years, but at the MOA I found out my father-in-law passed away and had to attend the funeral in Germany the week of the RA National.

    HU also had their Meeting in North Carolina after school started and attendance was down by about 30%.

    I won’t be able to make the MOA in Oregon and it seems I won’t ever be able to make RA National. Oh, well… Think I’ll ride up to Labrador!! 🙂


    The Hemmings site is about a 15 minute ride from the rally in Pownal.


    [QUOTE=DaveH »]”Come back any time folks and post a question”.

    Ok Mr. Rallymeister….
    What groups are providing the musical entertainment?[/QUOTE]

    Trying to get Vermont flavor into the event.

    There will be a Blues performance.

    The other two have been selected and will be meerting with club tomorrow. Expect foot tapping fun music. Acid rock has not been considered.


    Hey Paul! Pownal, Vermont? How far is it to Pownal?

    Glad you asked.

    Within A Day’s Ride of Pownal, VT [B](Lat: 42.76N, Lon: 73.24W)[/B]

    Here’s the cities within a day’s ride of Pownal: [IMG][/IMG]


    Akron – [B]529[/B]
    Baltimore – [B]373[/B]
    Bangor – [B]351[/B]
    Boston – [B]179[/B]
    Buffalo [B]325[/B]
    Cleveland – [B]506[/B]
    Detroit – [B]574[/B]
    Montreal – [B]245[/B]
    New York – [B]187[/B]
    Ottawa – [B]365[/B]
    Philadelphia – [B]275[/B]
    Pittsburgh – [B]499[/B]
    Portland – [B]223[/B]
    Providence – [B]173[/B]
    Quebec City – [B]391[/B]
    Richmond – [B]523[/B]
    Rochester – [B]260[/B]
    Syracuse – [B]179[/B]
    Toronto – [B]417[/B]
    Washington, DC – [B]412[/B]

    Here’s another list from State Capitals: [IMG][/IMG] ([B]BMW’s Secret Project[/B])

    [B]Alaska[/B] – Juneau – 3910
    [B]Arizona[/B] – Phoenix – 2568
    [B]Arkansas [/B]- Little Rock – 1369
    [B]California[/B] – Sacramento – 2886
    [B]Colorado[/B] – Denver – 1843
    [B]Connecticut[/B] – Hartford – 123
    [B]Delaware[/B] – Dover – 345
    [B]Florida[/B] – Tallahassee – 1284
    [B]Georgia [/B]- Atlanta – 1044
    [B]Idaho[/B] – Boise – 2532
    [B]Illinois[/B] – Springfield – 1025
    [B]Indiana [/B]- Indianapolis – 818
    [B]Iowa[/B] – Des Moines – 1170
    [B]Kansas[/B] – Topeka – 1363
    [B]Kentucky[/B] – Frankfort – 842
    [B]Louisiana[/B] – Baton Rouge – 1530
    [B]Maine [/B]- Augusta – 277
    [B]Maryland[/B] – Annapolis – 397
    [B]Massachusetts[/B] – Boston – 179
    [B]Michigan[/B] – Lansing – 648
    [B]Minnesota[/B] – St. Paul – 1250
    [B]Mississippi[/B] – Jackson – 1367
    [B]Missouri [/B]- Jefferson City – 1185
    [B]Montana[/B] – Helena – 2322
    [B]Nebraska[/B] – Lincoln – 1359
    [B]Nevada[/B] – Carson City – 2784
    [B]New Hampshire[/B] – Concord – 121
    [B]New Jersey[/B] – Trenton – 248
    [B]New Mexico[/B] – Santa Fe – 2097
    [B]New York[/B] – Albany – 38
    [B]North Carolina[/B] – Raleigh – 677
    [B]North Dakota [/B]- Bismarck – 1684
    [B]Ohio[/B] – Columbus – 643
    [B]Oklahoma[/B] – Oklahoma City – 1558
    [B]Oregon[/B] – Salem – 3003
    [B]Pennsylvania[/B] – Harrisburg – 334
    [B]Rhode Island[/B] – Providence – 156
    [B]South Carolina[/B] – Columbia – 890
    [B]South Dakota[/B] – Pierre – 1639
    [B]Tennessee[/B] – Nashville – 1022
    [B]Texas [/B]- Austin – 1880
    [B]Utah [/B]- Salt Lake City – 2232
    [B]Vermont[/B] – Montpelier – 132
    [B]Virginia[/B] – Richmond – 514
    [B]Washington [/B]- Olympia – 2956
    [B]West Virginia [/B]- Charleston – 693
    [B]Wisconsin[/B] – Madison – 996
    [B]Wyoming[/B] – Cheyenne – 1796

    [b]The best riding in New England awaits you![/b]

    [B]COME EARLY – STAY LATE [/B]- [B][I]No charge for camping before the rally starts. Vermont wants you to come and have a great time.[/I][/B]
    [*]Sunday Camping – [B]FREE[/B]
    [*]Monday Camping – [B]FREE[/B]
    [*]Tuesday Camping – [B]FREE[/B]
    [*]Wednesday Camping -[B] FREE[/B]

    And, stick around for the [B]Yankee Beemer Rally[/B]in Heath Mass. For more information about the [B]YB Rally [/B][URL=””%5D%5BB%5D%5BU%5D%5BCOLOR=”Blue”%5Dclick here[/COLOR][/U][/B][/URL].

    Rally Registration is now open. For registration [URL=””%5D%5BB%5D%5BU%5D%5BCOLOR=”Blue”%5Dclick here[/COLOR][/U][/B][/URL].


    Hey all; Well here it is, the seventh of November, and STILL no confirmation on the rally location! I thought it was going to be announced in October? I realize that the rally season is still months away for those of us in the northern part of the country, but it would be nice to be able to schedule vataction times and such…. I’d still like to see it held in conjuntion with either the vintage rally at Barbers, or maybe the AMA vintage rally. I’m sure it will be great regardless of location!!! Vaya con Dios, Dutch


    I went up there about two or three weeks ago and took a bunch of pictures:


    GS George

    rumor has it the 2010 rally will be in the Catskill region of New York State

    update: although it will be in the Catskill region of NYS it will NOT be at Hunter Mtn where the MOA had Color in the Catskills


    Thanks for the pictures. Can’t wait to see the landscape covered with a couple of thousand bikes.



    Rumors we have. Where is it and when. 😀


    [QUOTE=ackgs »]Rumors we have. Where is it and when. :D[/QUOTE]
    Lets get it done. Please.

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