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    [QUOTE=Lori »]

    I bought a pair of gloves but not from the Roadgear/Powerlet guy. Which reminds me, I won’t in the future because of all of the crybaby whining from this cat.[/QUOTE]

    I’m sorry you have taken my constrictive criticism as whining. I set pretty high standards for myself, the people who work for me, and my business. When I look at shows/rallies that I plan to attend I expect that standard to continue. Now maybe your standard isn’t as high mine which could be reflected in the gloves you did buy. Any warranty with those gloves? Most of the vendors I talked too were pretty much unhappy with this location although most will say nothing in a public forum for fear of appraisal by the likes of someone such as yourself. It’s tough enough in this economy to make a go of it in this industry at the moment however I have higher goals and if I lose the sale of a pair of gloves or whatever for giving an honest opinion so be it. Maybe you missed it but I want the RA to succeed, I want them to have great rallies, after all if I decide to be a vendor next year I want it to be well attended even though it looks like I lost you as a customer.
    Oh and one more thing, about four other of the vendors who were there were pretty much because of me. I told them how well I’ve done in Michigan two years ago and suggested to them that they try W.Va last year. I wonder what I’ll be telling prospective vendors for next year?



    Nick, I’m glad you’re speaking up and hopefully your recommendation for next year’s rally will be based on your assessment of that rally’s potential. I think (I’m not on the board anymore thankfully!) the RA will be handling more and more of the rally details themselves rather than helping the local club to organize it (which has been a deliberate strategy in the past that potentially helps the local club but honestly hasn’t worked out well in several of the most recent ones).

    2005~2007 (Shelbyville, Boise, Biltmore) had pretty good vendor turnout. The RA ran most aspects of the Biltmore and Shelbyville rallies itself. I wasn’t at Houghton. The two Canaan ones were OK; more the first time than the second. This year has to be the lowest vendor turnout, by far, I’ve ever seen.



    I’m sorry I missed the Biltmore as that is one really cool location, the problem was it was the same time as Americade. If it wasn’t you would have had even more vendors!
    It starts Anton with a timely announcement of the dates and location of next years rally. When you make an announcement after the first of the year for an event that takes place that same year your already behind the eight ball so to speak. Too bad the RA doesn’t contact it’s vendors for suggestions on locations as most of us travel around the country and see many interesting venues. I knew of one just north of Lake George, NY ( Warrensburg fairgrounds) that could have been a perfect location. Another in Maggie Valley, NC would also be a great location, they have two bike rallies a year there that are “roar to whatever” I would think the town would really embrace a “silent” motorcycle rally.
    Meanwhile over at the other BMW club ALL are invited to tour the Bloomsburg rally site this Sunday at 10:00 AM. That’s eleven months before the rally begins. I’m not sure how many of the “paid” staff will be there but I must say I’m impress by this endeavor. Building enthusiasm , apparently looking for suggestions, all of which lead to a record braking attendance for next year.
    Last and not least I’m pretty dam proud and I consider myself pretty darn lucky to own my 07 RT and I’m just as proud to be associated with these two BMW clubs. I brag about the BMW rally experience where ever I go. Even this past weekend at a Goldwing event I think I convince a few to come out to the Finger Lakes Rally in Watkins Glen.
    So lets get on with next year, lets not wait too much longer to announce the location and the time, and most importantly lets learn from the mistakes from this year. I stand at the ready to help anyway I can.


    Red Rover

    Always interesting to see/hear feedback…here is mine…

    The concept of the GS trails was great, Peter Nettesheim and the tour through centuries of BMW motorcycling beyond words. Seeing these beauties in motion was also a real treat.

    The rides were absolutely awesome on- and off-road – just look at the photos – and it even had a fireworks show at the end. What a show! And paying such a small amount – what value!

    Yes, there was some the challenges with the venue and the local officialdom, but that is all part of life.

    To the critics – I trust you have enjoyed the splendour of the Green Mountains, and stopped a moment to say a little thank you for all the volunteers that was slaving away, whilst you enjoyed meeting with old and new friends while riding your awesome machine.

    To the RA event committee and the Owners from Vermont – THANK YOU for the effort, you have created a unique memory for me!

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