2007 BMW RA Rally Announcement!

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    I’m in my 27th year of riding, happily on BMWs for 25 of ’em. 😮

    More AsheVegas tips: if you ride downtown, the parking garage on Wall Street and Rankin are pretty motorcycle friendly. Wall Street in particular.

    As you ride towards the gate take an immediate right. All but the fattest tired motorcycles can wheel into a “dead zone” where no traffic will pass, but where you motorcycle will be safe.

    You get two things: free parking and safe parking. All within an easy walk of all of what Downtown AsheVegas has to offer.

    Good eats:

    Breakfast and dinner, Early Girl on Wall Street.

    Burritos and Tex Mex: Rio Burrito on North Biltmore Avenue and Mamacitas on South Biltmore. Mamacitas has off street parking. Think of it as a Mexican Subway. Ample portions, anything you want, with beer and Margaritas in a slushie machine.

    Good bars: One secret favorite I’ll only take my friends. Jack of the Wood for real pub food and good tap beer. Barley’s Tap Room for LOUD, but pretty good pizza and a wall of beers on tap, even more upstairs for the smoke crowd. Farther North on Merrimon Avenue is Asheville Pizza a Brew & View place. Beer made on premises, good pizza, hippies and drunks. The also have a way cool place on Coxe Avenue, great motorcycle parking, outdoor beer under a huge roof, and old surfer movies.

    More as I think about it. Ask if you have a questions.


    You might want to start threads for your local info, or else put them in a different place. Your info will just just get lost if you keep posting in the rally announcement threads.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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