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    From my reading of the information, are we not going to be staying in the college dorm rooms? I read “no circus tents” and interpreted that to mean we would be abandoning the tents for this rally. Who is in the “know” who can enlighten me?


    Vendors will be indoors, if they so desire. Beer tent won’t be a tent, it will also be indoors. Indoors means inside a building. Camping, as always, will be in tents, outdoors.


    I went to the site and the lodging is all hotels and motels. Is there no camping on site? I also noticed that we will be on state property. I am from the South so I get all paranoid when I go on any property that is a part of a government. Can we bring our own booze? Will there be drug sniffing dogs? (No, I do not do illegal drugs; but I also don’t like the tactics) Is there mud?

    I totally enjoyed the RA at Biltmore House; it was Head Bitch Barbie’s first rally. No one had any problems because it is private property. Again, it might just be a southern thing. We are mighty suspicious of government here….lol.


    😮 I’m sure the information will be posted any day now :rolleyes:


    Of course there will be camping at the Rally Site. There are two large soccer fields and large football practice field at the site for grass camping (hopefully no rain or Mud). RA doesn’t expect campers to find their own camping sites, unless you prefer privacy.

    Alcohol will be permitted in the camping areas, however we will be selling Beer/? at the Rally and will need to seperate the two. (i.e. can’t bring your stuff into their area- State Law).

    We are looking for Volunteer DS Dogs!

    Your Rally Chair

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