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Sun, 2013-08-18 09:04 -- George Nyktas
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Regarding Erik Munck's article (May/June 2013 issue of OTL), I think it was presented very well and augmented with great photos. Because of it, I made arrangements for a demo ride at my local dealer. The purpose was to compare it with the '94 R1100RS I have had for more than 20 yrs.

The bike had all of 5 miles on the "digital" clock and loaded with all the options, except hard bags. My plan was to get acquainted with it in a fixed position first, then perform some slow maneuvers in a near-by parking lot. I thought a 30 min ride on the back-road twisties would be sufficient for the test.
You could stop a mile-long train with just the front brakes alone! However, trying to bring her to a halt with the rear only was a chore. The ABS and ASC will come in handy when pushing the performance envelope here.

I was having so much fun with this bike that the 30 min schedule had gone up in smoke. I was 90 min late and looking for a slab back to the dealer. Coming off the entrance ramp, a pair of semi's were neck and neck making a seamless entrance impossible. So I found 5th gear and punched it. A moment later I was clear (ahead) of the tractors and doing 80 mph (impressive). Turbulence was not noticeable, but smoothness was.

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