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Chartered Club Program

The BMW Riders Association is dedicated to assisting BMW motorcycle enthusiasts as both individuals and clubs. As a member of the BMW Clubs International Council (CIC), the RA provides a valuable link for its Chartered Clubs to voice their concerns to the highest levels of BMW AG (Corporate). BMW has long known that local area clubs and their members are the backbone of their international operation, but only recognizes "approved umbrella clubs" (organizations that affiliate other clubs) like the RA. What does that mean to you, or your club? It means that by chartering your club with the BMW RA you no longer are just a local club standing alone in a global community, but an official part of a united effort along with other BMW clubs, that together creates a strong influence on today's issues and endeavors. It also means your club has specific rights and permissions to use the BMW name and roundel. If your Chartered Club is interested, you can obtaining information about BMW's Corporate Identity Logo Program.

Your Board of Trustees has recently restructured our Chartered Clubs program in a way they feel will benefit every club that participates. Please take some time to learn about it and let us know what you think. Send any questions or comments about this program directly to the Board of Trustees. The RA has a long history of supporting its members and clubs, ideals, traditions, and activities without judgmental overtones. In the "BMW Riders World" we are known for having the "Right Attitude". It is always the highest compliment when yet another club charters with us. Below, you will find listed, local BMW motorcycle clubs who are thinking globally. If your club is not listed below, consider joining us or if your club's listing is outdated, please have them contact the Chartered Clubs Coordinator to correct your information. Without a doubt, your club will benefit from your affiliation with the BMWRA.

Getting your club chartered with the BMW RA is a relatively easy and inexpensive process.  To qualify for chartered club status, your club must have at least 3 full members of the BMW RA (i.e., primary members and not associate members), and it must meet all the other requirements set forth in the Chartered Clubs Guidelines document.  Please click the link to view those Guidelines and to obtain more information and the application itself.

Email the Chartered Clubs Coordinator | Printable Chartered Club Guidelines

Submit a charter application online | Printable application for mailing-in

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