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R-3 Suit Review in the latest issue of OTL

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R-3 Suit Review in the latest issue of OTL

An article reviewing the R-3 suit from Aerostich by Jerry Riederer RA #42654 was well written and mirrors my experience with the suit. Jerry does make a statement in his review that I have to comment on. He says "In contrast, every Roadcrafter is made in Duluth, Minnesota." They are not all made in Minnesota now. My R-3 was purchased 3 months ago and its label reads made in Vietnam. I was under the impression they were all made in America, and was surprised when I saw the label. Don't get me wrong. I love the suit and would buy it again, but I think Aerostich should be up front about where it is made. Their website leads you to believe all suits are made in the USA.





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