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Effective 2/1/14 all RA members receive a 15% discount on all Performance Center training classes.

This will include the following activities: One day on road, one day off road and two day off road. Rent a BMW on site or bring your own BMW. The discount also applies to the rental fee.

The following rates will apply:

One day on road            without motorcycle rental          $ 505.75         (rate before discount:  $ 595.00)

                                       with motorcycle rental               $ 641.75         (rate before discount:  $ 755.00)

One day off road           without motorcycle rental          $ 539.75         (rate before discount:  $ 635.00)

                                       with motorcycle rental               $ 675.75         (rate before discount:  $ 795.00)

Two day off road           without motorcycle rental          $1079.50        (rate before discount:  $1270.00)

                                        with motorcycle rental              $1351.50        (rate before discount:  $1590.00)


The rental fleet consists of a range of G650GS, F700GS, F800GS, R1200GS and R1200GSAD. On road as well as off road training will be conducted on these motorcycles, set up appropriately for street or off road use.

To sign up or if you have any questions call 1.888.345.4269

Current RA members need to mention their RA affiliation in order to receive the discount.

Once individuals arrive at the Performance Center for the class they will have to complete paperwork, present their driver license with motorcycle endorsement along with their current RA member ID for verification.

By extending this offer we hope to express our appreciation for the work of RA, shaping a community of riders. We are happy to contribute to your success as a BMW affiliated organization and be part of the individual never ending process of becoming an even more skill rider.

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