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    The 43rd National Rally
    at Boone County Fairgrounds,
    Harrison, AR
    Oct 1-4, 2015, Harrison, AR
    Lots of twisty roads for excellent riding!!!  

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The BMW RA National Rally

The BMW RA 2015 National Rally

BMW Riders Association 2015 Rally

October 1 - 4, 2015
Harrison, AR

Boone County Fairgrounds

Exceptional roads and extreme fall colors meet in the Natural State, one of America’s best spots for riding and enjoying outdoor life. If you’ve ridden Route 1 north of San Francisco, the Four Corners, the Rockies and the Tail of the Dragon, but not Route 123 North in Newton County, AR then you don’t know what you are missing. And it’s not just the roads. The locals and the local constabulary are equally friendly. The food is awesome, the music is outstanding, and best of all… there’s no damned traffic. Join your BMW comrades and invite all your rider/friends from other marques. Let’s have fun in AR. 

The rally site is Boone County Fairgrounds, (also known as Arkansas Northeast Regional Park). 1400 Fairgrounds Road. Corner of Main Street (65 BR) and Fairgrounds road. There are hotels nearby and the park has excellent space for tent camping and RVs.

Ride the Serpent--in Arkansas.
Save the Dates!
Pre-register here

Are you ready for a Rally?

Welcome from Rallymeister Tina. I have a special vision for this year’s rally.
Simplicity, giggles, kickbackfun. We are surrounded by some of the best riding in the
entire United States. Motorcycle Roads has ranked 3 routes in Arkansas as the best
top 25 routes in the United States. Thousands of motorcyclists visit Harrison yearly to
experience the ‘Thrills in the Hills’ of the Ozark Mountains. Join us in what is becoming
one of the most popular riding locations in the US. As one writer puts it:

Rally Seminar Series

Rally Seminar Series: Presenters are being confirmed now! Want to contribute to the
education of your fellow riders? Contact George Nyktas at or call
513.314.1931 to save your seminar spot. This is a partial list so far: #7

GS Giants

The GS Giants: Hoot and Holler Adventure Ride – Saturday, October 3, 9:00 am
Are you up for a ride through some of the finest adventure country in the country? Ride
along with the GS Giants on a daylong adventure and enjoy some mighty fine vittles
along the way. Or, you can ride your own ride with the route that the Giants will provide.
The route will be made available prior to the Rally, you can choose to download a file for
your GPS or print out a paper map.

Ozark Folk Center State Park Day Trip

Ozark Folk Center State Park Day Trip – Friday October 2
The Ozark Folk Center is dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of traditional
Ozark Mountain crafts and music. “This Arkansas State Park shares the story of the Ozark way of life which bred an
independent, religious, joyful people who survived the hardships of pioneer days by their native wit and wisdom.”
You’ll find people and a setting almost unique in 21st century America. Located in Mountain View, you’ll be surrounded by rustic beauty.

Training-BMW Performance Center

BMW Performance Center – Thursday October 1 – Sunday October 4
Here’s a great opportunity for you to sample the BMW Performance Center’s 'Off Road
Foundations' course with your GS. Key riding techniques cover the balancing and
shifting of body/weight essential to mastering offroad or slowspeedmaneuvering.
These include cone exercises, offset weave, tight circles in box, figure 8, proper vision
and throttle control. Slow speed riding, braking exercises with and without ABS,

Food and Feast

Rally Food Options – Thursday October 1 – Sunday October 4
We are offering something very special this year. Jamie’s Creative Catering will offer our
daily breakfast buffet from Thursday thru Saturday at a cost of just $8.00 per person.
We’ll also offer a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night buffet for merely $10 each night.

Breakfast Buffet: 7:00 – 9:00 am Breakfast Potatoes, Hickory Smoked Bacon,
Biscuits & Gravy, Scrambled Eggs with cheese and orange juice. Coffee provided by the BMW RA.


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