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Mid-winter gathering

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Mid-winter gathering

Yes, I realize it's only mid-October, but now is when I usually plan the annual New Glarus gathering during the Season of Poor Riding.  It is held in a motel, in January, in Wisconsin.  Weekend of January 30,31,Feb 1, New Glarus, Wisconsin, at the Chalet Landhaus.  It's just a gathering of like-minded souls who miss the riding, but also miss the company and camaraderie of fellow riders.  There is a fireplace in the lobby to take the place of a campfire, there is a heated indoor pool and a hot tub, food is available, and we usually brings stuff to share around the fire.  Things to do include, but are not limited to, touring the New Glarus brewery(just down the road), checking out local wineries and cheese houses,  hanging out in the pool or hot tub, or just hanging out. 

So if you suffer from PMS (parked motorcycle syndrome), and need a  get-away, check it out.

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