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Virginia goings-on

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Virginia goings-on

There's an info page for the Virginia region on the main site, but a few events which come to mind are:

[URL=""]Blue Ridge Beemers[/URL] breakfast, usually first Sunday. Charlottesville/Staunton area mostly.
[URL=""]Richmond BMW Riders[/URL] breakfast, third Sunday
[URL=""]Mortons[/URL]' open house April 12th
ADVRider [URL=""]Spring Fling[/URL] at Willville, w/e April 20
[URL=""]Camp Night[/URL] in Blue Grass, w/e June 20 (same as the RAlly).
Unfortunately the open house at [URL=""]Adventure BMW[/URL] was a week or so ago.
Dunno what's been going on at [URL=""]Hammersley[/URL], but their forum is packed with spam.

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