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45/45 Matt Wise you the man!

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45/45 Matt Wise you the man!

Hi all,
Matt a friend of mine just completed this amazing LD ride.

From Mike Kneebone,

On July 10, 2018, Matt Wise has a set a new record, riding his 2015 BMW R1200GSA a total of 45,425.5 (GPS) miles in 45 days!

While the ride is pending verification, IBA officials were aware of Matt's goals and was tracking it as it unflolded, so there should be no issues with verification.

Matt started planning this ride in March of 2016 at the IBA Pizza Party when we announced that Dave Zien had ridden his Harley-Davidson 31,000 miles in 31 days during our rider recognition segment at the party.

Matt's trip would be anchored around retracing Ron Ayres' 48 state route. He would fill in the other days by hitting the four corners of the US, doing the Lap of Florida and the Ride Around Texas as well as some local riding loops and day trips from his home. Matt even managed to take a quick time out and have dinner with the group of riders doing the cross-country George A. Wyman Memorial ride in Laramie Wyoming.

Matt's SPOTWALLA track is located at:

Some interesting statistics from the ride:

45 days (1074.5 hours start to finish)

45,425.5 miles

1,195 gallons of gas

23 hotel stays

4 rear tires

2 front tires

2 sets of brakes

3 oil changes

6 unpaid days off from work

Matt went on to say:

"It was the ride of a lifetime and over way to soon. Some days were better than others, but every day was better than being in the office."


Ride Safe,


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