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New Member-OTL Question

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New Member-OTL Question

Greetings, I'm a brand new member to BMW RA. One of the reasons I joined was because I looked at a couple of OTL magazines at my dealership while getting service work done. I found it to be an impressive publication. My water pump went bad on my 14 GSLC. While reading OTL I saw an article about a review of sorts on the LC (I think it was a GS but can't remember.) Long story short, the author also had a water pump replaced under warranty. He mentioned that he discovered that the part number on the new water pump was different than the old one as it had an improved o-ring type seal. Does this ring a bell to anyone? I looked at the online OTL issues and can't find it. It's possible it was a little older of an issue. I'm trying to confirm regarding a new part number on replacement water pumps.

Thanks, Aaron 

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Re: New Member-OTL Question

Don't remember that in OTL but i remember it in BMW Motorcycle Magazine on their long term R1200GS test bike.It was covered in their winter 2014 issue which i threw away.Their summer 2015 issue had the summary of the long term test which i do still have said that since Feb 2014 the pumps were modified with a different O-ring.Usually the bmw online parts catalog lists the numbers of the new parts supercede by the old parts number.If that's correct i'm still waking up....hope that helps


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OTL Mag Question

Is the Nov/Dec issue already out ? 

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Re: New Member-OTL Question
It should go to press next week, then in the mail. I expect it will be in your mailbox before December 25th.

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