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Anyone out there?

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Anyone out there?

Is Ohio RA still active? Any word on Summer, 2010 activities?


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there isn't much activity on these regionals

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There's not much activity here on the board.... I think we're all out riding. There is plenty going on in Ohio however. Check the Ohio Region page for a list of activities going on with the Ohio RA... There is a camp-out coming up soon.
Also, check into the Ohio RA yahoo group. You might also check the websites of the various Ohio chartered clubs.

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Thanks for posting that reply Lori. I should check this page more often to see if someone has questions about the covert activities of the mysterious Ohio-RA.
Our summer camp out was last weekend. The weather was excellent, turnout was quite good for a new camp location. Anyone who didn't make it really missed a great event. Click for pics.
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