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Weekend Rides

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Weekend Rides

Are there any RA, MOA or Yankee Beemer pilots riding on the weekends. I can't seem to link up with anybody. I see tons of Harleys together. Might have to brand change to group ride.


Let me know.

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Re: Weekend Rides

Come to central Texas, I'll ride with you.



Mike White

Lorena, Texas

2015 R1200 GS

Eduardo Reategui
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Re: Weekend Rides
I  ride on the week ends and week days, I'm out of Cambridge, MA.       Eduardo                                                                                                                           
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Re: Weekend Rides

Check the YB forum you just missed a ride last weekend . I'll be doing more , around MA,RI,and CT, next one I do mite be in OCT when there's less rallys


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