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F700gs stalls when ambient temp gets to 30 celcius

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F700gs stalls when ambient temp gets to 30 celcius

Anybody have this issue or have suggestions?  When the summer temp gets to 30 celcius or higher my bike loses power while riding.  Al low speeds it will cut out completely.  Had a few hairy moments and losing faith in my bike.  At high 20 celcius only happens when fuel gets down to half or lower and will stop once i top the tank up. At extreme temps 35 plus it happens regardless of how full the tank is, but cutting out/ surging when fuel flow opens increases in occurrence as the fuel drops in the tank.  Mechanics at bmw want to blame fuel filter and bad fuel, however , this NEVER happens in winter  or in temps below about 27celcius.  With hot climate here in Aus  this issue is really affecting my riding.  Engine is definitely not overheating - checked that out.   Getting to the point that I want to trade my bike in for something else. 


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