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maintenance manual for r1200rt 2013

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maintenance manual for r1200rt 2013

I am looking for a maintienance manual for my 2013 r1200rt. I have had one on order for about 2 months, it's a cd, and it is still backordered. Is anyone willing to sell one if they have it? Thanks

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Re: maintenance manual for r1200rt 2013

Edit:  I forgot that the '13 RT isn't a wethead.   It is the wethead version that had the licence code and limitied number of activations.   Sorry for any confusion.

I guess they ran out of the first batch. I finally got mine (for the GS, it is the same DVD) a while back after many months of waiting. FWIW the current version of the DVD comes with a license code. The code allows the product to be installed 3 times if my memory is correct. After that the DVD is mostly useless. If someone does offer you a used DVD make sure that there are still license activations available.

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