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Traveling from FL to Asheville

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Traveling from FL to Asheville

Is anyone from Florida going to the rally in Asheville?
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Quite a few members of the BMWNEF BMW club from the Jacksonville area are riding up. Some are going Wednesday to arrive Thursday while others will make it a 1 day trip up on Thursday. My plan is a 1 day trip, probably on Thursday as well. I here registration #'s have been very good. Should be a good time.

Larry in Jax, FL
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sweetpea wrote:
Is anyone from Florida going to the rally in Asheville?
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I will be coming up from St. Augustine on June 18.
can provide one way support to ashville if anyone needs help going up.
Where are you starting from?

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Heading up from West Palm Saturday. Plan to meander. Two beemers and one Ural. Hope to get there Wednesday.

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Re: Traveling from FL to Asheville

I’m in the planning stages for a trip from Florida up to North Carolina for a week of mountain riding but this is the first time I’ve ridden there from Florida. I need some advice for a route from Jacksonville up through Georgia to western NC. I’ll be going through JAX about noon on April 25 and plan on riding into Georgia until 3 or 4 pm. Tenatively I have a route up US1 and US23 and GA19 at least as far as Dublin just because. If there is a better alternate route and suggestion for completing the trip to Tellico Plains, TN, I would welcome the information.

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