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Beer Garden Update!

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Beer Garden Update!

Plans are to have the Beer Garden open from Noon to 11:30 PM each evening.

The Petoskey Jaycees will be selling drink tickets for people to exchange for tickets. These will cost $1.50 each, and we are only accepting cash.  They will be carding every single person buying tickets per Michigan Law so bring your I.D. the first time or after showers. Theywill stamp hands of people 21 years and older so that we don't have to keep checking IDs. At the bar, the person getting the drink will have to have a stamp and tickets.

They will be selling the following drinks:

Petoskey Brewery's Horney Monk -    3 tickets/16oz cup or rally mug

Petoskey Brewery's Minds Eye PA-    3 tickets/16oz cup or rally mug

Beard's Serendipity Porter-                 3 tickets/16oz cup or rally mug

Coors Light-                                         2 tickets/16oz cup or rally mug

Angry Orchard-                                    3 tickets/can

Chardonnay-                                        3 tickets/5oz serving

Red Blend Wine-                                  3 tickets/5oz serving

Water and Pop will also be sold by the food vendor!  

And Remember you can't bring Alcohol into the Beer Garden Area!

I'm Thirsty!- Bob


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