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Grand Prize Winner's Dad

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Jim D Browning
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Grand Prize Winner's Dad

Just wanted to thank everyone who was responsible for putting together the rally in Harrison Arkansas. This was my son Ethan and my first rally and he was fortunate enough to have his number drawn for the grand prize trip! He told me he felt bad walking in front of everyone and receiving that great prize since this was his first rally, but you can rest assured that you have a couple of new members for LIFE!  Again thanks to everyone for showing my son your kindness in congratulating him on being drawn for the trip, and a special thanks to Beach's for sponsoring such a wonderful life changing gift for the grand prize. Ethan is a senior at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo. and will report back when he completes the trip and share his experiences. We look forward to many years of comradery with our new BMW family, THANKS AGAIN!!!

Ethan's Dad

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Re: Grand Prize Winner's Dad

Thank you for the kind words Jim. We were most excited with the generosity from Beaches. They, along with all our sponsors and door prize donors make these events successful. We couldn't have these rallies without everyone's support.

I'll be looking for Ethan's report of his trip to Europe. I'm sure it will be a trip to remember.

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Re: Grand Prize Winner's Dad


I'm not sure who was happiest about being the grand prize winner.  Ethan looked happy, but you were practically jumping out of your seat, grinning and saying how you were going to Europe with him!  

Everyone was glad to see him win.  Please write an article with photos for OTL about your trip.

Neil Jones

Kettering, OH

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