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thanx what a hoot

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thanx what a hoot

been an ra member going on 15 years, and shame on me, my first ra rally:dunno my bad this was outstanding in every respect, great ride both ways, biltmore is un-bloody believable, and met some really cool folks:thumb i'm hooked LOL next year again for sure!

all roads generaly lead somwhere so lets ride them

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Bob Ulrich
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I'm glad you enjoyed your first RAlly experience. Thanks for coming. We'll look for you next year.


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We had a blast, the area roads are fantastic. Three knights of great music and friends. No rain, and I heard no complaint of showers or lack of port-a-johns. Great job RA staff and the Asheville local club. My only regret is that this was the first time I did not volunteer for anything. Next year.:thumb

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Rod Sheridan
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Diann and I enjoyed our return to Biltmore rally, great area, great location.

We managed to volunteer at the Black Eagle shop for a couple of hours on aturday, that was fun also............Rod.

Robert Johnson
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:thumbThanks to Debbie and all the RA folks that worked so hard to pull this off. And a tip of the hat to all the great folks from the Asheville club. What a great crew you guys/gals are. Wish I was a Ashevillien so I could join your great club. Heck, just might do it anyway. Please give me another reason to come to the " Jewel in the Mountains " again, soon.:thumb


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Thanks to the organizers and all of the volunteers for a great rally. I had a great time and was glad that I made the trip. The only complaint I heard in the area I was in was noisy neighbors, but I learned a long time ago that ear plugs are a must for rally goers if you want to sleep. Thanks for your efforts, everything was great!

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Thank you Debbi and Mel for all your hard work and the Asheville BMW Riders. Had a great time! Thank you for your support Eurosport. You are the greatest.

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