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Route Suggestion OK City to Rally

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Joined: 2012-02-20 00:00
Route Suggestion OK City to Rally

I’m looking for a good route to Cooper Mountain rally (my first). I have a business trip to AR & OK and will riding my GTL. I will be departing from OK City to the rally. I have two days to get there and I would to avoid the slab as much as possible. Will appreciate any suggestions.

La Quinta, CA

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Bob Ulrich
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Joined: 2012-02-20 20:22

I'm certainly no expert on the area (I live in Ohio and it's been years since I've ridden in Colorado), but here's my 2 cents worth.

According to Google the short way is across the high plains and through Denver. Depending on the exact route you're looking at 700 to 750 miles. But for me, I want to get to the mountains as soon as possible and maximize my time there. The high plains are kinda interesting but fairly boring to ride.

If I were you I'd high tail it west across I 40 to US 285 and head north. At the junction of US 285 and US 24 you can either take US 24 to Leadville and pick up CO 91 up to Copper or stay on US 285 to Fairplay and take CO 9 up to Frisco and a quick shot on I 70 to Copper. You're looking at 850 to 860 miles. Now if you're a real bun burner you could find your way to Durango and head up the Million Dollar Highway (US 550) to Silverton and Ouray, but that's over 1000 miles.

Or ... Find your way to Walsenburg, CO at mile 50 on I 25, then take CO 69 and US 50 to Salida and you're close to US 285 again. If you cut the corner across the Texas panhandle and northeastern New Mexico it's only 690 miles!

Good luck, Doug! Enjoy your ride. See you in Copper!


Last seen: 4 years 10 months ago
Joined: 2007-02-17 21:04

I have not traveled west OK/TX for several years, here is a route that will take into the some very interesting areas but you must remember that gas will be limited in some areas so to fill up when you need to the main points for the gps are: Oklahoma City, Sweetwater TX, Wheeler Tx, Balko OK, Boise City OK, Buena Vista CO, 209 Ten Mile Cir, Frisco, CO 80443.

Michael Johnston

Time Mile Instruction For Toward
Summary: 734.4 miles (1 day, 6 hours, 13 minutes)
9:00 AM 0.0 Depart Oklahoma City

9:02 AM 0.6 I-40 [US-270] 116.9 mi I-40
10:40 AM 117.5 At exit 32, turn RIGHT onto Ramp 0.2 mi OK-34 / Carter / Mangum
10:41 AM 117.7 Turn RIGHT (North) onto CR-N1950 0.2 mi
10:41 AM 117.9 Road name changes to N1950 Rd 1.2 mi
10:44 AM 119.1 Turn LEFT (West) onto SR-6 [E1110 Rd] 19.2 mi
11:15 AM 138.3 Road name changes to SR-152 [SR-6] 4.0 mi
11:22 AM 142.3 Turn RIGHT (North) onto SR-30 54 yds
11:22 AM 142.3 At Sweetwater, return South on SR-30 54 yds
11:22 AM 142.4 Turn RIGHT (West) onto SR-152 20.6 mi
11:31 AM 147.5 Entering Texas
11:56 AM 163.0 Turn LEFT (South) onto US-83 [S Alan L Bean Blvd] 76 yds
11:56 AM 163.1 At Wheeler, return North on US-83 [S Alan L Bean Blvd] 26.9 mi
12:28 PM 190.0 Merge onto US-60 [US-83] 9.5 mi
12:40 PM 199.4 Turn LEFT (West) onto US-83 59.1 mi
1:43 PM 250.2 Entering Oklahoma
1:52 PM 258.5 At Balko, stay on US-83 [Veterans of Forgein Wars Memorial Hwy] (North) 0.5 mi
1:53 PM 259.0 Turn LEFT (West) onto US-412 [SR-3] 37.7 mi
2:39 PM 296.7 Turn LEFT (West) onto US-412 [US-54] 0.4 mi
2:39 PM 297.1 Turn RIGHT (North) onto US-412 [SR-136] 60.8 mi
3:53 PM 357.9 Keep STRAIGHT onto US-287 [US-412] 1.8 mi
3:55 PM 359.6 At Boise City, stay on US-287 [US-412] (West) 32 yds
Check your departure time; the next stop is in a different time zone.
3:55 PM 359.7 At roundabout, take the THIRD exit onto US-385 [US-412] 3.4 mi US-412 / US-56 / US-64 / Clayton, NM / Dalhart, TX
4:00 PM 363.1 Keep STRAIGHT onto US-412 [US-56] 40.0 mi
4:34 PM 391.5 Entering New Mexico
4:48 PM 403.1 Turn RIGHT (North) onto US-64 [US-87] 9.2 mi
Check local time; this stop is in a different time zone.
5:00 PM 412.2 End of day
9:00 AM 412.2 Stay on US-64 [US-87] 72.0 mi
10:26 AM 484.2 Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-25 61.3 mi I-25
10:34 AM 493.2 Entering Colorado
11:19 AM 545.6 At exit 52, turn RIGHT onto Ramp 0.2 mi CO-60 W / Gardner / Westcliffe
11:19 AM 545.8 Turn LEFT (South) onto I-25 Bus [US-85] 0.4 mi
11:20 AM 546.1 Turn RIGHT (West) onto SR-69 58.3 mi
12:31 PM 604.5 Turn LEFT (West) onto SR-69 [Main St] 0.2 mi
12:31 PM 604.7 Turn RIGHT (North) onto SR-69 [N 3rd St] 15.9 mi
12:51 PM 620.5 Turn LEFT (West) onto CR-1A 3.9 mi
12:57 PM 624.4 Keep STRAIGHT onto CR-1A [CR-72] 3.1 mi
1:02 PM 627.5 Turn LEFT (West) onto US-50 23.0 mi
1:27 PM 650.5 Turn RIGHT (North-East) onto SR-291 [Oak St] 0.6 mi
1:29 PM 651.1 Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-291 [N Oak St] 120 yds
1:29 PM 651.2 Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-291 [E 1st St] 0.4 mi
1:30 PM 651.6 Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-291 [W 1st St] 0.7 mi
1:31 PM 652.3 Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-291 7.1 mi
1:39 PM 659.4 Keep RIGHT onto Local road(s) 109 yds
1:40 PM 659.5 Bear RIGHT (North) onto US-285 14.1 mi
1:57 PM 673.6 Keep STRAIGHT onto US-24 2.5 mi
2:00 PM 676.1 At Buena Vista, stay on US-24 (North) 34.3 mi
2:42 PM 710.4 Turn RIGHT (East) onto US-24 [E 9th St] 1.1 mi
2:44 PM 711.5 Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-91 22.0 mi
3:10 PM 733.6 Turn LEFT (West) onto Copper Rd 0.6 mi
3:12 PM 734.2 Bear LEFT (South-West) onto Ten Mile Circle 76 yds
3:13 PM 734.2 Turn RIGHT to stay on Ten Mile Circle 0.1 mi
3:13 PM 734.4 Arrive 209 Ten Mile Cir, Frisco, CO 80443


X-Troller's picture
Last seen: 1 year 4 months ago
Joined: 2002-02-19 00:00

I used to try and find different ways from OKC to the West when I worked there up through Kingfisher then toward Guyman Black Mesa state park(highest point in OK.) into New Mexico was interesting, up through Buffalo to Dodge City was fun lots of plains museums and old Army Forts to see, RT 66 excursions off US40 toward 39 East of Tucumcari to Roy then Wagon Mound over toward Taos then North is a way or 40 to 104 then to Las Vegas N.M. is good to. The Roy route with a ride through the short but cool Canadian River Canyon a surprise I won't forget.


05 R1200ST

03 Vespa ET4

Last seen: Never ago
Joined: 2012-05-21 00:00

Just joined and I live near OKC, my take is hit I35 north to I70 and get to CO as soon as you can. Not near as much fun to ride here as there. Maximize your time in the mountains that way.

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