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I'm not going to be able to attend although I registered. Is it permissible for me to pass my registration along to a someone deserving?

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WE will only allow substitutes if the original person who paid, gives something IN WRITING to the person taking his place stating that this person has permission to take the prepaid slot.
This must include the name and address of both the pre registered and the substitute.

We don't want people showing up on friday and finding their pre registration taken by some one on thursday who claims to know them and that they are not coming.

Bert Brumfield - Registration chair

Bert Brumfield
BMWRA Region Rep North Carolina

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How about me?

I hate to see this man lose his money. My preregistration never did post. I am working registration on Saturday AM; how about we make it happen for this guy?

Jerry Dockery

Jerry Dockery

Kure Beach, NC

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Registering at the Rally


I printed the registration form from the RA website. I have it filled out and ready to hand in tomorrow(Thursday) Is this still a wise and helpful thing to do..??? I wish I could have preregistered..., but I didn't think I was able to go until yesterday.

Jim....Wilmington NC 2005 R1200RT 13,335

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