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Avl Wx

If you understand the title, good. If not, it means Asheville Weather.

With the rally start only 4 days away, it looks like somewhat typical weather for this time of year in the mountains of NC. Expect cool mornings, hot afternoons, and potential rain showers.

Here's the latest from for Asheville Weather:

Thursday: 65F - 88F Clear
Friday: 65F - 90F Thundershowers
Saturday: 62F - 88F Thundershowers
Sunday: 64F - 87F Thundershowers

Be aware we've been without rain, until this weekend, for over 3 weeks. Things are greening up at the moment, but we need the rain here! The French Broad River is down... if it's running green, you know there's been little rain. Brown? Somewhere upstream there was a deluge.

So, be prepared. If you want to keep your bike dry, bring a cover. If you don't like to get wet, bring a rainsuit and big hat. A good tarp that can be anchored down makes a fine place to store gear dry.

And that is all.

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Not that bad really, but as of this morning the NWS isn't calling for precip on Friday any more. Clear Thursday and Friday, that would be fantastic if it actually happens. But in the Smokies I don't trust any forecast... the upside of it is that you simply ride on the other side of the mountains if it's raining on your side!

Anton Largiader

Charlottesville, VA

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Thanks for the updates!

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there are almost always rain showers somewhere in the mountains.

You should come prepared.;)

There have been drought conditions in the area. Frown

there is only a chance of rain during this Rally.:)

[We arranged this with the Biltmore Estate Staff]:D

Bert Brumfield
BMWRA Region Rep North Carolina

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