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Chartered Clubs Application or Renewal Form

For Domestic and International Clubs
Any club outside the United States that seeks to charter with the BMW RA must first be chartered with, or otherwise formally affiliated with, the BMW recognized umbrella organization for its country or geographical region. The BMW Clubs International Council has sole responsibility for determining which umbrella organization has responsibility for clubs in a given country or geographical region.  
Club Information
For a new club application, leave blank
Club Address
Fill in as much of the address as is applicable. If your club doesn't have a permanent mailing address, be sure to fill in the Contact Person section entirely.
RA Memberships
Chartered Clubs are required to have at least 3 FULL (and not Associate) BMW RA Members within their ranks. Please list the Names and Membership Numbers (or city and state) of the three FULL RA Members.
Contact Person
Contact Address
Submittal Affirmation
I am submitting this application on behalf of our Club to become chartered with the BMW Riders Association as defined in the "Chartered Club Guidelines" (that I have read). Our Club agrees to abide by the "BMW RA Bylaws" and to support its goals. By submitting this form I hereby certify to the best of my knowledge that our Club meets the BMW RA charter requirements for this calendar year and I am remitting the annual $15.00 (USD) charter fee.
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