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    The 2019 rally will be in Woodstock, VA from September 5th through the 8th at the Shenandoah County Fairgrounds 300 Fairground Rd. Woodstock, VA  22664

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BMW RA Regions Program

The BMW RA is committed to a continuous grass roots outreach to new and experienced riders who may share our mind-set and passion for our machines. To fulfill this ambition the RA developed an updated program similar to the original one our founders mandated with State/Provincial Directors, District Governors, Roving Advisors, and Dealer Reps. This revised program calls for Regional Directors who promote the BMW RA through local communications and event planning coordination within a specified area. These regions may vary in size and rider density but in most cases service at least 100 members and hopefully several local clubs and franchised dealers. Our goal is to provide existing and potential members with unique opportunities for camaraderie, the sharing of technical knowledge, and plain old good-times through local BMW motorcycle related activities. These activities vary from locale to locale, but usually consist of rides, camp outs, tours, off-season eating-meetings, dealer open houses, group safety classes, and more. A Region Director is expected to promote a sense of family among BMW riders and local area clubs whether RA affiliated or not.

By clicking on a region, listed to the right, you will find web pages authored by that Region Director and intended for their local members. Some web sites will list basic items like that Region's newsletter or local BMW dealer listings whereas others may provide a calendar of regional events, photo galleries of past activities, local area riding tips, tours and more. You should find each region to be as unique as the riders in it and that the only common bond is our devotion to riding our Beemers with the RA.

If you don't see your region listed here and you know of someone who you feel would be perfect for the job, tell them about this opportunity to give back a little of what they have been enjoying. Who knows, they may have just been waiting for someone to ask them to step up. If they are interested contact the Regions Coordinator and nominate them for the position.

If you ever felt that you might wish to become a promoter for the BMW RA because you feel a strong sense of belonging, you might consider volunteering to become a Region Director for your area. Connecting riders with one another can be a rewarding experience for you furthering your total BMW riding experience. Whether you live in a large or small state, province or country, the RA is sure to have members near you who could use help connecting. For details about becoming a Regional Director for the RA, click on "Regional Director Program" below. Feel free to contact the Regions Coordinator using the form below if you have any questions or comments regarding the program.

You can read more about the Regions Program and the club's Regional Director.

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