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R.A. Rally in Harrison

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R.A. Rally in Harrison

Myself and an ever-growning contingent from around N.E. FL are attending the rally.   Since I'm volunteering, I might even show up as early as Tuesday.   Tina D. has a lot going on as Rally Chair and all this stuff takes some help.   I also plan to help Jack, Lee, Vech and others set up and run the VINTAGE DISPLAY at the rally.   If you have a nice old airhead and can bring or ride it to the rally, please do.   Many will be moving on to Birmingham the following weekend for the 11th annual  Barber Vintage Festival weekend.   October is always a busy motorcycling month and this one won't be any different.  

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Re: R.A. Rally in Harrison

This is great, Larry!  I'll be there with a couple of bikes to show.  I'll be spending some time at the registration desk, but I hope I can come by and help out.

--Darryl Richman

Eddie Roberts
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Re: R.A. Rally in Harrison

Hey Larry - I will be riding my 1982 R100RT airhead up from Jacksonville, Florida but taking a little different route than your group and leaving different timieframe.  Hope to see you there - if I get there a day early I will certainly be available to volunteer.

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