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Kilimanjaro Jacket & Pants

Sun, 2017-07-16 18:05 -- Ronald Allen
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Parts and Accessories
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Ron Allen
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Central Illinois

For Sale one slightly used Hi-Viz Kilimanjaro Jacket and pants. The jacket and pants are the new 37.5 technology from First Gear. I purchased this gear in August of 2016. I have decided to move onto different gear. The jacket has been worn more than the over pants but they are both is very good condition. You can get all of the details on this gear by watching the video on the Kilimanjaro jacket and pants on website. The gear has all of the original D30 (elbows, shoulder, back, chest hips and knees). I doubt you will be able to find this gear in this good of a condition for less money. I am asking $250 USD for the JAcket and $200 USD for the pants.

<p>Ron Allen</p>

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